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SoundMAGIC E80 In Ear Isolating Earphones - Gunmetal

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  • Neutral and balanced sound signature

  • Unblemished original studio master level sound

  • Twisted Core Cable with anti-tangle properties

  • Winding material imported from Japan

  • Full metal earphone housing construction

SoundMAGIC E80 In Ear Isolating Earphones - Gunmetal

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SoundMAGIC E80

With the goal of offering audiophile sound quality to everyone SoundMAGIC has created the E80 earphones. High-definition transducers convey precise sound with well defined bass and composed stereo separation and allow the E80 to offer a genuine representation of music. Listening with the E80 opens up the world of high end Hi-Fi quality sound that never sounds boosted or enhanced with a neutral and poised sound stage.

To achieve true to original sound the redeveloped drivers of the E80 incorporate new high purity copper winding material specially imported from Japan. This material results in a higher impedance rating requiring more driving power to achieve the full potential of the E80. A high-resolution digital audio player or headphone amplifier will bring out the best sound.

SoundMAGIC's traditional barrel shaped housing milled from lightweight aluminium make the E80 a robust earphone with strong ergonomics. Included in the delivery are a multitude of silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every ear. United with the correct fitting eartip the E80 offers enhanced sound isolation offering a clean and concentrated listening experience.

Created for the music purist.

SoundMAGIC E80

Coherent Sound
Consistent and balanced sound and harmonious stereo separation without overemphasis of any frequencies. With neutral, true to original sound the E80 offers an honest and intimate representation of music.

Tough Build
The robust housing crafted entirely out of aluminium and the precision moulded thermoplastic resin nozzle together with the stress-resistant Twisted Core Cable make for a highly durable listening machine.

Exceptional Material
To achieve the best possible performance from the drivers of the E80 with minimal distortion SoundMAGIC incorporate a new high purity copper winding material specially imported from Japan.

Fit & Isolation
Ergonomically designed sound tubes sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably. The in-ear design combined with the right eartips seals music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Included in the delivery are multiple silicone and Comply eartips to ensure the correct fit for every user.



  • Driver: Dynamic, 10mm, Neodymium
  • Frequency range: 15Hz - 22kHz
  • Impedance: 64Ω
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Maximum input power: 20mW
  • Cable: 1.2m
  • Connector: 3.5mm, angled jack, gold-plated
  • Weight: 13g


  • Neutral and balanced sound signature
  • Unblemished original Hi-Fi level sound
  • Designed to perform best with high-resolution DAPs and headphone amplifiers
  • Comfortable fit and distinctive design
  • Twisted Core Cable with strong build and anti-tangle design
  • Robust full metal earphone housing construction
  • High-purity copper winding material imported from Japan



  • SoundMAGIC E80 in Gunmetal
  • 3 pairs dome shaped silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • 3 pairs flat silicone eartips (S/M/L)
  • 1 pair Double Flange silicone eartips (M)
  • 3 pairs Comply foam tips (S/M/L)
  • Hard carrying case
  • Cable clip

SoundMAGIC E80

Product TypeEarphones
Feature KeywordComfortable, Ear Canal, In Ear, Lightweight, Noise Isolation, Portable
Recommended UseDigital audio player, Portable audio system
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Included Accessories3 pairs dome shaped silicone eartips (S/M/L), 3 pairs flat silicone eartips (S/M/L), 1 pair Double Flange silicone eartips (M), 3 pairs Comply foam tips (S/M/L), Hard carrying case, Cable clip
Part NumberE80-GM
Headphone Fit TypeIn-Ear
Headphones TypeHeadphones - binaural
Cable EntryNo
Cable Length1.2m
Connector AngleAngled
Connector TypeHeadphones (3.5 mm stereo jack)
Detachable CableNo
Driver Size10mm
Driver TypeDynamic
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Earcup DesignNo
Frequency Response15Hz - 22kHz
Headphones Form FactorIn-Ear
Headphones TechnologyDynamic
Number of DriversSingle Driver
Sound Isolation (dB)No
Sound Output ModeStereo
Smartphone CompatibilityNo
Smartphone ControlsNo
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)No
Wireless TechnologyNo

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Customer Reviews

Rather a good listen at a bargain price
by CAR973 on 04/02/2019
I have always found my ‘over the ear’ Shure SE210 earphones to be decent enough but a bit of a faff to fit on and definitely uncomfortable when lying in bed. They are also old tech so I decided to buy something ‘cheap n cheerful’ for night-time listening.

Soundmagic generally attract a lot of good reviews so in buying the E80’s I was reasonably confident they should come close to the SE210’s in sound quality. Little did I know. I couldn’t have been more wrong but of course it’s not exactly fair to compare something that got good reviews in 2007 with products of today. With that caveat....

By comparison, listening to the E80’s, it’s as though a veil has been lifted revealing lots of new detail at every level. Switching back to the SE210’s for a sanity check, the sound is ok but definitely more muted. There’s a lot more detail at the top and bottom ends in the E80’s without sounding boomy or fizzy.

Either the SE210’s are on the fritz after 11 years of travelling (I have looked after them) or there have been huge improvements in earphone design that have passed me by. I suspect the latter and wonder if a little more cash would have made an even bigger difference; possibly, but the E80’s are so comfortable, easy to listen without inducing ear-fatigue, and all at an excellent price point. They are certainly a genuine upgrade over my existing ‘phones which is more than I was expecting so I’m happy (and I don’t feel the need to get on the upgrade treadmill!).

I should say that I listen to mainly flac audio and some of the higher bit-rate radio streams via a Cyrus Soundkey. Without using the in-line DAC the sound of both ‘phones is not as full but the E80’s still sound way better than the SE210’s. For the money you can’t go wrong in my view.
Great Sound!
by NB on 04/10/2018
Excellent sound from these in-ears. General balance and soundstage are the strong points. Has a lot of eartips to choose from and the quality seems very good in general. Good purchase!
by Peter on 30/09/2018
I own the original sound magic e10 which I was more than happy with as a portable for holidays as you have B&W P5 for home use with Hifi. I decided to upgrade my portable to the e50 as Hifi headphones had them on special offer a couple of years ago. The e50 was a definite improvement in clarity over the e10 though they do somehow lose a little excitement. The e80 puts that exitement back while delivering the clarity of the e50 while somehow managing to deliver more powerful but very controlled bass. The e80 seems to have a greater tempo than the e50. It is Similar to the e10 in this respect but vocals and instruments are much more separated. I listened to the new Paul Weller album through the e80 and it sounded very refined with plenty of depth and good clear treble. I would definitely recommend the e80 especially at the offer price at the time I bought from Hifi headphones which I believe was about what I paid for my e10 back in 2012
Lived up to expectations
by CMB on 29/09/2018
I've used so many earphones and headphones over the years (mostly Sennheiser) - my favourites being the SoundMagic E10. They have a clarity and dynamism that was fun to listen to, especially when out jogging. Reviews of the E80 made me hanker for them - would they really be that good?

Finally went for them, and wow, they really are superb! Just listening to music, any music, in my collection to hear the difference, it's breathtaking and I just get this great grin on my face! Shocked that I heard and instrument that I'd never noticed before, playing along on one of my favourite tracks! Just how could that happen?

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