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wireless earphones

  • Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Earphones Review & Video

    Our review of the Lypertek Tevi True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones. How do these little buds stack up against the big name brands?

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  • Video Review: The Difference Between Wireless and True Wireless

    Our guide to the differences between wireless and true wireless earphones. Is it time to ditch the cord entirely?

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  • Summer Sounds Guide & Video

    Hey everyone, John here. It’s that time of year where we’re all starting to plan our summer holidays, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to audio. Here’s a selection of our favourite portable audio tech to add quality to your summer sounds.

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  • SoundMAGIC E11BT Wireless Earphone Review

    Their sound quality, technology, design and comfort are normally associated with more expensive models - the SoundMAGIC E11BT should be top of your list when looking for a new Bluetooth earphone.

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  • Bluetooth 5.0 Explanation & Video

    Our video guide to the history of Bluetooth, and all the features of Bluetooth 5.0.

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  • Optoma Nuforce BE Free8 Bluetooth Earphone Review - Wireless without the wire

    So the bluetooth fairy has delivered yet again, and Optoma Nuforce now has a truly wireless product in the BE Free8. When shoved in the ears, Optoma Nuforce promise us 'True wireless earphones with superior sound quality with deep explosive bass'.

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  • SoundMAGIC ST80 Bluetooth Sports Earphone Review

    The SoundMAGIC ST80 can compete with the big boys, like the Sennheiser HD1 in-ear wireless, the ST80 have a bass oriented sound signature but with good clarity overall.

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  • SoundMAGIC E10BT Bluetooth Earphone Review

    For some years now the fine E10 from SoundMAGIC has assaulted our shores and needs no introduction; it has remained a firm favourite everywhere and shows no signs of losing that favour despite being in its 6th year since its release.

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  • Sleek Audio SA6 Wireless Earphones - now in stock!

    Sleek Audio SA6 and W-1 Wireless Earphone

    The long awaited Sleek Audio SA6 and W-1 Wireless Bundle Pack is now available from HiFi Headphones.  The W-1 wireless adapter enables you to listen to your audio source at full lossless, CD quality within a range of 18 metres (without obstructions).

    The W-1 either comes bundled with a Sleek Audio SA6 earphone, or alternatively comes as a standalone W-1 Wireless Adapter if you already own the Sleek Audio SA6 earphone.

    Below are a few product highlights:

    • Lossless CD quality sound, using Kleer wireless technology.
    • SA6 earphone is sound isolating design rather than earbud style (as used on the Sennheiser MX W1), meaning earphones seal in the ear correctly to reduce low frequency (bass) leakage and for best noise isolation.
    • Revert back to wired operation when batteries run out.
    • Sleek Audio W1 Wireless pendant sits behind neck and can be secured under clothing.  User reviews suggest it stays secure while exercising.
    • User reviews at suggests slight improvement in bass response over wired SA6 (from iPod without headphone amp).

    CD Quality, Lossless Digital Audio

    The Sleek Audio's W-1 Wireless uses a completely new technology called 'Kleer', which provides a CD quality, lossless digital audio link between the audio source and your earphones.

    If you have tried RF wireless headphones or earphones in the past it's likely you were disappointed by the limitations of the technology.  Even the highly regarded Sennheiser wireless headphone range introduce noise to the audio signal, which is audible when listening to quiet passages of music.  The audible hissing sound and occasional crackly interference really get in the way of enjoying your tunes.

    With the Sleek Audio W-1 wireless there is no longer any compromise over audio quality if you want to get rid of the wires.

    Compatible with Sleek Audio SA6 and Future Models

    The highly regarded Sleek Audio SA6 made waves in the earphone World at the end of last year when it introduced the idea of customisation to an earphone.  With the SA6 treble and bass response can be custom tuned to suit your equipment, ears and the style of music you are listening too.

    According to Sleek Audio they intend to make the W-1 Wireless Adapter compatible with future earphones in their line-up.  There are rumours of a lower end Sleek Audio earphone in early 2009 (an SA3?) and possibly a very high end earphone after that (can they really dramatically improve the audio quality of the SA6?).

    More Information

    The Sleek Audio SA6 and W-1 Wireless bundle pack is available in the UK from the HiFi Headphones store.

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