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iem earphones

  • Campfire Polaris 2 IEM Review & Video

    Our video review of the Campfire Audio Polaris 2. Interested in the features, look, and sound of these beautiful Campfire IEMs? Take a peek at our new review video.

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  • Headphone Unboxing Video Compilation

    Get that nice tingly new product rush with none of the financial guilt. Join us for some headphone unboxing!

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  • Earsonics SM3 v2 - Review

    Earsonics has seemingly found a way to make an earphone with a presentation that whilst being very accurate and full of detail, offers enough pleasantness so that consumers can enjoy its sound as much as the professional craving for an honest reproduction.

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  • ClarityOne - The future of Earphones?

    ClarityOne™ Earphones will be the first product from PureSound Technologies Inc, a forward thinking collective of audio experts and self proclaimed audiophiles, committed to pushing back the boundaries of sound reproduction. This is the most exciting new earphone for a very long time!

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  • Ultimate Ears 5 - stylish new 'top fire' armature earphone

    Ultimate Ears 5Ultimate Ears 5 - new single driver earphone

    The 5 (not 5 Pro) is the new single driver earphone from Ultimate Ears and can be found in the UK at the HiFi Headphones store.

    The new Ultimate Ears 5 takes a fresh approach and uses what Ultimate Ears call a 'top fire armature' to cover the entire frequency range with a single driver. Other earphone brands call this new wider frequency driver technology 'wideband' or 'full range' drivers.

    The previous model Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earphone utilises dual drivers (sometimes called mini-speakers), with one driver concentrating on bass with the other working on mids and treble. Cross-over electronics inside the earphone splits the signal to feed each of these drivers.

    Why a Single Driver?

    One of the biggest advantages of using a single driver in the UE 5 is that the earphone can be made smaller, which means the in-ear fit is easier and more comfortable for long term listening.

    See the pictures below of the 5 and possible fitting options with the wire running over and under the ear:

    Ultimate Ears 5 - under ear fit Ultimate Ears 5 - over ear fit

    Other Single Driver Earphones

    The single driver approach seems to be the way earphones technology is developing. See the links below for some more examples of miniature single driver earphones:
    Sleek Audio SA6
    Sleek Audio SA6 with single wideband driver and custom porting

    Klipsch Image X10 Earphone

    Klipsch Image X10 with single full range microdriver

    More Information

    Ultimate Ears have developed some of the best In Ear Monitor (IEM) earphones, with the 5 Pro and 10 Pro earphones all setting news standards in quality of sound and fit. You can check out the full range of Ultimate Ears earphones at the HiFi Headphones store.

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