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SoundMAGIC Vento P55 Closed Back Headphones - Review

"The SoundMAGIC Vento P55 On Ear Headphones.This Headphone excels at dance music, funk and Hip Hop, a strong midrange will suit classical and jazz really well."

SoundMAGIC Vento P55 On Ear Headphones - Review

SoundMAGIC Vento P55



SoundMAGIC has been on the scene for 10 years now, and it's remarkable how much the headphones market has changed in that time; possibly pushed along by SoundMAGIC's esteemed offerings. The way that headphones are used (and their popularity) has really come on, and they are often seen in pretty much everywhere now, when both indoors and out.

SoundMAGIC's new Vento P55 is designed to address the need for a good looking, versatile and sturdy on-ear model for any scenario, so how does it measure up?

Design and appearance:

At first glances, the Vento P55 has a certain prosaic chic about it; attention is not demanded and so the wearer may not feel as self-conscious as with other, more showy models. The Vento P55 is a nice functional piece of design and has a well-heeled and restrained look about it. There are two 1.2m cables; these are removable and the socket of the Vento P55 will accept any 3.5mm jack - there is no special recessed socket which requires a specific cable replacement.


SoundMAGIC P55 Vento

Durability & build quality (e.g. cabling, connectors, materials):

The Vento P55 headphones are certainly sturdy, with a stainless steel headband and aluminium earcups which lend an air of something military grade, but without the weight! Cables are what might be expected for a portable design; thick enough to bear the stresses and strains of an itinerant life on the road but thin and supple enough to not get cumbersome. SoundMAGIC's new angled jack design (which its recent earphones have adopted) has been included, to reduce any stress on the jack when players or phones are placed in pockets when users are on the move.


Despite being an on-ear portable, the gentle grip of the Vento P55 puts them on the right side of tight, but they have a firm hold and they are quite comfortable during longer periods of use. The earpads are soft and yielding and offer no problems, even when worn over glasses.

Suitability for intended application:

As alluded to above, the demure and reserved character of the Vento P55's design allows it to fit in anywhere without drawing any undue attention. Along with the comfortable fit, the Vento P55 is a perfect tool for commuting or casual use when out and about.

Sound isolation (if applicable):

Isolation is fair but the wearer is not rendered incommunicado; it is still possible to aware of your surroundings which may be no bad thing if the Vento P55 is put to more portable uses. Of course, with music playing the effect of isolation is more marked.


Included is a light but rigid carry case which will protect the Vento well if taken with you unused, and the headphones can be worn around the neck without restricting movement too much.


SoundMAGIC Vento

Sound characteristics:

Overall the Vento P55 has a detailed yet warm sound, with plenty of room between bass and treble for harmonics and vocal performances to make a good impression. These headphones were tested with a Fiio X3 using a Chord Hugo as DAC/amp.

Bass (e.g. punch, low extension):

Bass is reserved and restrained in contrast to many similar models on the market. The Vento P55 is not bass light however; it starts low and provides authority to a track without taking over, allowing the midrange to make its mark.

Mids (e.g. vocals, acoustic instruments):

Midrange is very present for a non-neutral headphone; it makes a sense of space more pronounced, and harmonics stand out. This has a good effect on imaging and the attention is easily grabbed by certain instruments.

Treble (e.g. high hats):

Treble is rolled off slightly but still stands up to be counted; it's there just enough to give details and add definition but backs off well before there's any danger of sibilance.

Soundstage & Separation:

Soundstage is fair for a closed-back portable; the head is well enveloped within the sound. Separation is helped along by the clear and distinct midrange, and is very good. Again, the midrange helps this along and brings out most instruments and voices in clear relief.

Music genres good for and why:

The SoundMAGIC Vento P55 excels at dance music, funk and Hip Hop, while its strong midrange suits genres such as classical and jazz particularly well.

SoundMAGIC Vento-


Strong, light metal construction
Removable cables, one with mic/controls
Sturdy carry case
Adaptor for greater compaitiblity with handsets
Adaptor for use with computers


Some may prefer more recessed midrange


The SoundMAGIC Vento P55 is a good strong design for taking out and about, with decent isolation once music is playing. The removable stereo cable can be swapped for a control/microphone cable for skipping tracks and taking calls on the go. Its steely good looks will not draw attention from anyone but the user, who will be treated to some great comfort and engaging sounds.

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