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  • Sleek Audio UK distributor announced

    KS Distribution has today announced they have been appointed as the UK distributor for Sleek Audio earphone products.  Based in Brighton on the South Coast of England, KS Distribution is a distributor of audio headphone and earphone related products.

    Sleek Audio's SA6 earphone is the first fully customisable headphone that can be custom tuned to alter the frequency response of the earphone within the ear canal.

    Based on 30 years experience in the hearing aid industry, Sleek Audio’s Mark and Jason Krywko have developed the SA6 to be fully customisable, enabling headphone owners for the first time to be able to alter frequency response to suit the their individual musical taste and to match their ears.

    About KS Distribution

    A leading audio electronics distributor, KS Distribution specialises in bringing innovative products to the UK market and providing a World class service to their customers. Offering a carefully selected range of products for home and mobile listening, KS Distribution are a highly focused team whose primary aim is to develop strong partnerships with retailers and manufacturers.

    For more information visit

    About Sleek Audio

    Sleek Audio is a personal audio company dedicated to creating “Music in Tune with You.” Creators of the first ever acoustically customisable earphones, Sleek Audio are driven from decades of experience in the custom hearing aid and audio industry. Sleek Audio products are designed for high-performance use with all MP3 players including iPod® and Zune®.

    For more information visit

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  • Graham Slee Headphone Amplifier - give your iPod a boost

    Graham Slee Voyager iPod Headphone Amplifier

    Graham Slee Voyager - Give your iPod a high quality audio kick

    The incredible sounding Graham Slee Voyager iPod headphone amplifier is now available from the HiFi Headphones store.

    If you appreciate high quality audio and feel that listening to your iPod is a bit of compromise, then the British built Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amp is an ideal solution. As most high end audio enthusiasts will quickly tell you, the iPod's headphone output is actually pretty bad at driving many headphones. The Graham Slee Voyager gives an iPod the extra grunt that enables it to easily drive high quality headphones, such as the Sennheiser HD650, with added warmth and fullness and without distortion.

    As well as allowing the iPod to drive higher end Hi-Fi headphones, the Graham Slee Voyager is a also perfect for driving lower impedance earphones and headphones. The Voyager headphone amplifier features a contour switch to equalise street-wear headphones, emulating the sound you get from "home" or Hi-Fi headphones - putting back that missing bottom-end bass and replacing the usual scratchy highs with the whole clarity that makes this portable headphone amplifier "hard to switch-off".

    About Graham Slee

    The Voyager headphone amp has been developed and produced in the UK by the team at Graham Slee based in South Yorkshire. Graham Slee have a long history manufacturing high end phono amplifiers and headphone amplifiers. The Graham Slee Voyager is their first step into the world of portable audio, but this is fast becoming a major part of the business.

    More Information

    For more information check out the Graham Slee Voyager Headphone Amp and a range of other high quality Headphone Amplifiers at the HiFi Headphones online store here in the UK.

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  • Is long term iPod earphone listening safe?

    Are in-ear headphones safe, and do they cause hearing loss or damage to the ear?

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  • DJ Headphones - Choosing the best DJ headphones

    Technics DJ HeadphonesChoosing the best DJ headphones can be difficult - it's a big decision.  If you're a DJ then you will no doubt be very careful about the headphones you choose for monitoring.  While it's possible to DJ with a pair of ordinary Hi-Fi headphones, you will likely not be very happy with the result.

    DJ monitoring has some very specific requirements, which are quite different to other types of listening.  This article is meant to offer some advice with choosing the best pair of DJ headphone.  DJing presents a tough listening environment and you will need to ensure you have the right equipment to be successful and get the most out of it.

    Below are a few key points to think about when choosing DJ headphones.

    Good isolation from external sound

    While you cue up the next track you need to be able to monitor without interference from the sound being played over the speakers, so headphones with good sound isolation are a must

    Good DJ headphones are nearly always of the closed back (or sealed) design, which means you can focus on getting the beats matched perfectly without any external distractions.

    Swivel earcups

    When you think you got the beat match spot on you will want to compare the beats of your new tune with the sound coming out of the speakers.  Swivel earcups are a convenient way of monitoring the audio coming through the speakers. You just rotate one earcup and hey presto you can hear your new track and the existing track.  Also convenient for chatting with friends nearby while you mix!

    For example the Sennheiser HD25 DJ headphones have rotating earcups and also conveniently have a headphone cable that comes from a single earcup, meaning you are less likely to get tangled up in the cord when you are jumping up and down behind the decks.

    Sennheiser DJ Headphones

    Sennheiser HD25 DJ Headphones

    Clarity at high volume levels

    The listening environment while DJing is often very noisy, even if it's just at home with the speakers turned up loud.  You will need your DJ headphones to be able to cut through the external noise and this may mean turning them up loud for short periods.  A good quality pair of DJ headphones are able to be driven at high volumes without distortion.

    Some DJ headphones may even sound a little biased towards mids and treble, which is to help you distinguish audio cues in the music.

    Long term listening comfort

    As a DJ you may have to wear your headphones for hours at a time, so headphone fit and comfort are vital.  Ears that are hurting will not help your mixing skills.  The best DJ headphones have comfortable earpads and are lightweight.

    More Information

    The HiFi Headphones store has a big selection of DJ headphones from many of the best headphone brands, including Technics and Sennheiser.

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  • Grado Headphone Carry Case - protect your expensive headphones!

    Protect your expensive Grado headphones with a high quality case

    Grado Headphone Carry CaseWe've just taken delivery of the official Grado headphone case.  Grado headphones come supplied in cheap cardboard box packaging, which is definitely not up to the task of protecting expensive headphones from day to day wear and tear.

    The official Grado Headphone Carry Case is well made and designed to store your Grado headphones safely when not in use, or while travelling.

    The Grado carry case has a moulded interior to fit all models, except the iGrado and GS1000.   The case is designed to fit the following models:

    • Grado SR60
    • Grado SR80
    • Grado SR125
    • Grado SR225
    • Grado SR325i
    • Grado RS2
    • Grado RS1

    More Information

    For more details on the Grado Headphone Carry Case and the rest of the Grado headphone range please visit the HiFi Headphones online shop.

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  • Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Noise Cancelling Headphones - Review

    The active noise reduction technology of the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7’s is very impressive. Low frequency external noise is dramatically reduced, while still managing to maintain excellent quality audio reproduction.

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  • Headphone Buying Tips from the experts at HiFi Headphones

    The headphone buying advice area of the HiFi Headphones online store has been expanded to include a whole load more information, which we hope will help when you are trying to choose a new pair of headphones. The aim of this part of the website is to inform and educate visitors through easy to read buying guides, reviews and explanations of headphone technology. We also have some other very exciting developments waiting in the wings, which we can't talk about right now.

    Check out the following headphone and earphone buying information:

    Also in the headphone buying advice section of the website we have added a Guide to Headphone Types, which so far has information and descriptions of the following types of headphones:

    We thrive on feedback from website visitors and customers, so if you have any comments (positive or negative) about our buying guides and headphone information please let us know. You can contact us through the HiFi Headphones email form or by commenting on this blog. We'd love to hear from you!

    The HiFi Headphones Team

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  • Review: Shure SE in-ear sound isolating headphone range

    The Shure SE210 earphone adds another layer of definition and a small amount more bass response than the SE110. For the modest difference in price it really is worth upgrading to the SE210's.

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  • New "Headphone Buyer's Guide" by the experts at HiFi Headphones


    We're proud to announce that the HiFi Headphones Store now has a brand new Headphone Buyer's Guide with lots of expert advice from the experts at HiFi Headphones. This area of the website currently holds a headphone selection guide with a subsection for each of the main types of headphone and earphone. The guide can be found at the following link:

    Headphone Buying Guide

    We plan to include additional sections to the buyers guide in the coming months, including some headphone reviews (by type) and a selection guide by application, e.g. DJ Headphones, iPod Headphones, Travelling Headphones, etc.

    As always we love to hear from our customers, so let us know if there is anything you would find particularly informative in this area of the website.

    The HiFi Headphones Team

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  • Headphone Buying tips

    We get to try out more headphones than most, so this article is where we at Hifiheadphones share some of that experience with you.

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  • HiFi Headphones - What HiFi? Sound & Vision 2008 ‘Bristol Show’ report

    If you are into HiFi gear, and live anywhere near the friendly West Country city of Bristol, the Marriot City Centre Hotel was the place to be on the 22nd,23rd and 24th February 2008.  The HiFi Headphones team made there way to the show on the weekend to have a play with the latest offerings from the headphone manufacturers exhibiting at the What HiFi? Sound & Vision 'Bristol Show'.  The show features a broad range of HiFi and home cinema equipement, but as you can imagine we were only really interested in the headphones and earphones.

    Being located at a hotel means there are effectivley lots of individual demo suites for each manufacturer to showcase their products.  This creates a very relaxed atmosphere where you get chance to chat with the sales reps and see first hand what the products are capable of.  The experience is a stark contrast to the to a large shows located in a vast arena such as Earls Court in London or the NEC in Birmingham.

    Let The Show Begin

    Arriving on the Saturday morning we were confronted with a lengthy queue outside the Marriot hotel, but the show organisers had plenty of staff working the queue and visitors were soon through the doors checking out the goodies inside.

    The headphone manufacturers represented at the show included Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Grado, Goldring and Denon.  Sony and Pioneer both had a presence at the how, but were showing off their big screen TV’s and had no headphones on display.  Audio-Technica had a mobile crew walking around the show demonstrating the ATH-ANC7 Quietpoint noise cancelling headphones to anyone who fancies a listen.

    Our Mission

    The main objective for the HiFi Headphones team was to meet our suppliers and to hook up with some new partners.  Grado and Goldring were top of our list as we are looking to offer these high quality headphone brands on the HiFi Headphones website in the coming months.  We also wanted to meet Audio-Technica’s newly appointed UK distributor, as we have been purchasing direct from the manufacturer in the past (there was no UK distributor previously).  Of course we also took the opportunity to try out some headphone models that we do not currently stock from Sennheiser.

    There are also some other very interesting products we had the opportunity to look at that we can’t talk about right now.  Keep your eyes on the HiFi Headphones blog and the HiFi Headphones online shop for news of these developments as they occur in the very near future.


    While only a small scale show in comparison to the national HiFi shows held in London the Bristol Show is a great place to see the latest gear in a relaxed,  informal atmosphere and maybe even pick up a show bargain or two.

    We had a great time at the show and really appreciated the friendly atmosphere created by the show visitors, organisers and the exhibitors.

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  • High end audio without breaking the bank

    Have you every looked through a HiFi magazine wondering how on earth anyone can afford to pursue an interest in high fidelity audio equipment? The cost of audiophile quality gear can be astronomic. A quick glance through What Hifi magazine and you will soon find a pair of speakers that cost three grand. Ouch!

    How about an alternative to all this expensive HiFi? Imagine owning an audio setup that sounds like it costs thousands of pounds, but actually costs just a few hundred! It’s actually really simple. It’s no secret that the budget route to achieving sonic excellence is via headphones. You really do get dramatically more 'bang for your buck' with headphones.

    Take for example the Sennheiser HD650's Audiophile series headphones. These headphones are widely regarded as the ultimate pair of Sennheisers! The Sennheiser HD650's have an RRP of £329 (approx $650) and you can find them for less than £250 (approx $500). Where would you find a pair of truly audiophile speakers for that kind of money?

    Sennheiser HD650 HiFi Headphones

    Sennheiser HD650 Headphones

    Yes, you can spend thousands of pounds on headphones, but for normal HiFi listening a pair of £300 headphones can offer astonishing levels of detail and audio dynamics. Paired with a good quality headphone amplifier you enter a world of high fidelity audio that would normally cause serious financial trauma.

    Take a look at our broad range of high quality HiFi headphones from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Grado and many other top brands at the HiFi Headphones store.

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  • Sennheiser Headphones - UK market leader?

    Sennhesier Headphones

    We are a big fan of Sennheiser headphones here at HiFi Headphones. Sennheiser are the without doubt the headphone & earphone company with the largest market share. Their range covers everything from humble ear buds that replace the standard issue Apple earphones, to sports headphones for jogging and cycling, right through to high end full size Hi-Fi models. With a headphone business that includes supplying specialist headphones to helicopter and jet pilots, they really do have it all covered. If you read Sennheiser's marketing blurb they are quite partial to the term 'electroacoustics' to explain what they do.

    So, Sennheiser are market leaders, but are their headphones and earphones any good? Well, yes! In our experience Sennheiser's headphones and earphone are always well made and the sound quality if often excellent, even with the cheaper models. It was once said in the IT industry that you could never be fired for buying IBM computer equipment, well we think that phrase fits well for Sennheiser. If your job depended on it you couldn't go wrong with a Sennheiser headphone purchase!

    One word of warning. Beware of cheap fake Sennheiser headphones! We have seen (and have even been offered) very cheap Sennheiser headphones. These are always fake. Often these rip-off headphones are of the lower end (e.g. CX300 ear bud headphones) and are offered at bargain prices.  These are not genuine Sennheiser's and the quality is very poor.  They can look almost identical to the real thing, but it's not until you actually plug these headphones in and hear how bad the sound quality is that you will realise they are fake.  As always you don't get something for nothing!

    For a wide selection of competitively priced genuine Sennheiser Headphones take a look at the HiFi Headphones store.

    Sennhesier HD 465 Headphones

    Sennhesier HD 465 Full Size Hifi Headphones

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  • Audio-Technica Headphones - stylish new headphone range!

    Audio Technica Logo

    At the Hifiheadphones we appreciate products that sound as good as they look. All too often good looks are not backed up by solid audio engineering.  Audio Technica seem to have got it just right with their newest range of stylish consumer and semi-pro

    Check out a wide selection of Audio-Technica headphones at the HiFi Headphones online headphone shop.

    If you follow the world of professional audio you won't be surprised they sound so good, as Audio Technica have a background in professional sound and audio equipment. Audio Technica are primarily known for their range of professional microphones and studio headphones.




    It may not be a surprise that Audio Technica are the number one headphone manufacturer in Japan. A bit like Sennheiser in Europe, Audio Technica have the Japanese market well and truly sown up. Audio Technica are widely regarded as the best headphone manufacturer in Japan.

    Audio Technica offer a large selection of headphone models to suit most budgets and applications, including portable/iPod, high end hifi models, noise cancelling and semi-professional headphones. Audio Technica have really paid attention to the aesthetics and design - their headphones look beautiful.



    Audio-Technica ATH-OX5 SonicFuel Closed Back Headphones

    More Information

    Take a look at the full range of Audio-Technica headphones on the hifiheadphones website.

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  • Why should I upgrade my standard iPod headphones?

    So what's wrong with the standard issue iPod ear bud headphones? They're good enough for mobile listening, aren't they? Well, at Hifi Headphones we've heard this said more than a few times! We'd normally be pretty quick to offer a different opinion :)

    If like many iPod owners you've imagined that your standard headphones are pretty good, then you really have been missing out! Unfortunately Apple chose to supply relatively poor quality ear bud earphones with their little musical marvel. There is a level of detail and audio clarity that is simply missing with these standard issue earphones. We would always recommend upgrading the standard iPod headphones to something with a more musical punch.

    So what are the iPod headphone upgrade options? Below are a some ideas:

    Sennheiser MX 500 ear bud headphones

    If you must stick with ear bud headphones then the Sennheiser MX 500's give good performance and are very competitively priced.

    Sennhesier MX 500 Headphones

    Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Sound Isolating earphones

    The audio quality on these sound isolating 'ear canal' headphones is light years ahead of the standard iPod ear buds. The Ultimate Ears 3 Studio headphones give a smooth, even response across the entire audio range and decently-articulate mids and highs. Their bigger brother the Ultimate Ears 5 Studio's have even better high end response.

    Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Headphones

    AKG K 26 P foldable headband headphones

    The AKG K 26 P's offer an alternative to the normal in ear varieties, with a neat and tidy foldable head band. The bass responses on these headphones is truly astonishing! The convenient design and killer sound make the AKG K26 P's a serious contender for best portable headphones at this price point.

    AKG K 26 P Headphones

    Considering an iPod can set you back hundreds of pounds (or euros, dollars, etc), it really is worth investing a little bit extra in a decent set of headphones.

    For a huge range of headphones and earphones for the iPod and much more please visit the Hifi Headphone online store.

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