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Final B3 Dual BA Earphone Review

"The new dual driver B3 from Final offer up a remarkably refined and smooth sound with a wide soundstage."

Final B3

Aesthetics and Build Quality:

The B3 have a really interesting aesthetic, with sharp geometrics on the outside, yet rounded and smooth inner lines for comfort. Their matte silver finish looks great with the gold screws and chrome connector barrels. They have a very unique styling, and one that will stand out in the crowd, yet the colour scheme is fairly low key on the B3 (unlike the B1 which we will cover at a later date).

Build quality is superb, Final know how to make a solid IEM and the B3 are no different, although they are going a step further with the new models by including a detachable MMCX connector cable. The cable is silver-plated copper with excellent strain relief, along with great ergonomics and a shiny finish. Everything about the B3 feels solid and well built, I can’t find a fault with the build.

Comfort and Isolation:

The B3’s inner edges are curved and they fit like a glove in my ears, I personally have awkward ear canals and the B3 are one of the best fitting universal models I’ve ever tried. I can imagine that most users will find them to fit snugly with excellent comfort. The fact they don’t have stiff memory wire really helps too, as the cable effortlessly fits over your ear.

Isolation is good, not top levels due to these having a vent (even though they use BA drivers). They block out enough outside noise for general daily use and commuting duties.


Bass: The B3 use 2 balanced armature drivers, this is something a bit different as Final used to only use single drivers. The B3 are somewhat of a fuller sounding BA driver earphone, with great depth and extension down low. The lows have excellent texture to them, they don’t have the sheer slam of some dynamic based models but they have great control and fullness that make them a pleasure to listen to. In terms of balance the lows are quite linear with no specific focus on mid or sub-bass, having good punch that is backed up with rumble and body. The low end is slightly thick, yet well controlled and punchy.


Midrange: The B3 have a mild U-shaped sound signature, but vocals have a way of being very well separated within the soundstage. They don’t jump out at you; however, they have great clarity and refinement. Tonality is excellent here, the lower midrange has enough body to sound realistic, yet the upper midrange has a slight lift to bring out a little air without becoming shouty or grating. Overall the midrange has a good level of accuracy, if not ever so slightly behind the lows and highs in absolute presence.


Treble: The treble is nice and detailed with great air and extension, the transition from the upper midrange to the treble is smooth and sibilance free. There is a slight boost in the lower treble which brings out a little extra energy however the overall presentation isn’t bright. It’s the air and extension that is most impressive up top, along with the fact they they have accurate tonality in the treble.


The soundstaging is really impressive, throwing out a wide soundstage with excellent separation and accurate imaging. The B3 really do excel when it comes to presenting a wide and accurate soundstage, never sounding congested or too up front.


The B3 are one of those IEM’s that shows driver count is not as important as how you tune the sound. With only 2 drivers, the B3 has excellent top to bottom extension, a wide soundstage, coherency and transparency with a little added energy. They are a great all-rounder with a fairly well-balanced sound and an easy to listen sound that is engaging yet surprisingly accurate.


Sound:  4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Build: 4/5

Value: 4/5

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