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Dan Clark Audio Aeon II Open Review

"So long MrSpeakers, say hello to the new Dan Clark Audio Aeon II open. With a refined, smooth sound and technicality to boot, they will easily please a lot of listeners. "

Aesthetics and Build Quality:

The Aeon II come in a new colour in my opinion they look great, the finish on the cups is perfect with a similar leather headband strap and headband as the original. The grills are also very similar to the original, but the arms now allow the Aeon II to fold up into a more compact size, although being open back I'm not sure how handy it'll be for this model. It's certainly a good feature for their closed back sibling.

Build quality is excellent as always, the supplied cable is soft and the connectors are solid. The headband is flexible and it all feels very well put together. Nothing here feels cheap, Dan Clark Audio have thought carefully about the materials used, and it shows.

Aeon II


The Aeon II are lightweight with a suspension strap and deep earpads, this all leads to a super comfortable headphone that is a pleasure to wear for extended periods. The earpads are however made of leather, so you may find your ears getting a little hot during extended listening sessions.

Aeon II


Bass: For an open back headphone the Aeon II really do deliver down low, with plenty of body and adequate punch. They have a slightly full bodied sound to them but with better extension over their predecessor, they are also very well controlled as is the case with most planar headphones. The body comes out when called for and lends a lovely tone to acoustic recording, yet throw on something heavier and they can easily keep up. There is good layering down low and nuances are easily picked out, these are not bass heavy but they are a slightly warm and full bodied headphone.

Midrange: The midrange now has better detail retrieval and spaciousness, there is more air around vocals, yet everything is delivered with a pleasant smoothness. The midrange is effortless and natural, instruments sound real and sibilance is very well controlled. For those who want a little more bite, the Aeon II might be a little too safe sounding, but for those who enjoy a relaxed listen these are great to kick back and listen with.

Treble: The treble has good extension and air, but it is quite safe with regards to quantity, they have enough bite to bring out good detail however they do not jump out at you. They do however hit the mark with their tonality, reproducing the top end with a fairly realistic tone that is sure to please a lot of people. Placement within the soundstage is very accurate in the treble region, and the transition from midrange to treble is smooth, if not a little subdued.

The soundstaging on the Aeon II is good, with plenty of width and good height, the positioning of instruments is what stands out the best though with excellent layering.

Aeon II


The new Aeon II are a technically excellent headphone with a warm, refined and smooth sound and plenty of detail to boot. Great build quality and comfort add to the overall package, but those who want a more punchy and exciting sound may want to look elsewhere.


Sound: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Build Quality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

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