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CanJam 2019 London Interviews

"Our collection of CanJam 2019 interviews. We rap about brands, the future of the industry, and the benefits of coming to CanJam. "

CanJam London 2019

Hey there audio addicts! If you stopped by CanJam London 2019 you may have seen the Hifiheadphones crew around the Campfire Audio and 64 Audio tables. A few of us also took some time to conduct some on-site interviews! We've compiled them here for your enjoyment, so take a look at some of our favourite faces from the world of audio. Check back for each new interview!



The World's Best Custom IEMs: Vlad Belonozhko and 64 Audio

64 Audio Custom IEM Logo

Used by some of the world's foremost musical luminaries (Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, etc) and renowned by audiophiles, 64 Audio has blazed a trail straight to the top. Our good friend Vlad Belonozhko spent some time with us at CanJam 2019 discussing the benefits of staying true to your vision, and knowing when to branch out.




How to Get A Perfect Ear Impression: Gisele Flower, Aid2Hearing

Aid2Hearing Custom In Ear Impressions

Our interview series continues with Gisele Flower, one of the UK's premier independent audiologists and the titan behind Aid2Hearing. Gisele is entrusted with the ears of some of the world's favourite artists, including Stormzy, Jessie J, Sam Smith, and the Spice Girls. Here, she gives us an inside look at her process and tips for getting the best possible impression, whether it be for hearing aids, ear plugs, or custom IEMs for rocking out onstage.




How to Create a DIY Headphone Company: Alex Hyland, Hyland Headphones

Hyland Headphones DIY Logo

Our friend Alex Hyland of Hyland Headphones let us grab him for a few minutes to discuss headphone modding, DIY headphone making, and running his own headphone empire.  Ever wanted to make your own headphones? Have a listen to Alex's advice on getting started and making a name for himself in the world of high end audiophile headphones.





The Granddaddy of All Custom IEMs: Michelle Dailey, Westone Audio

Westone Audio Logo

Michelle Dailey of Westone Audio fame gave us a great rundown of the future of Westone's custom IEMs, Bluetooth earphones, and the success of the Westone W80. Westone are the world's foremost experts on in-ear audio science, pioneering IEMs and hearing aids.





Fashion Forward Fun with Focal Audio: Megane Montabonel

Focal Audio interview logo

Our final video from CanJam 2019 features Megane Montabonel from Focal, who describes the  breadth of Focal's expertise as well as the newer products they've introduced to the world of audiophilia. Focal headphones are, as always, available to try in our demo room, so get in touch to book a time slot!

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