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ACS Custom Moulded Ear Sleeves For Standard Earphones

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  • Custom Fit Sleeves For Standard In Ear Isolating Earphones

  • Comfortable Ear Gels Made Specially for Your Ears

  • Excellent Noise Isolation and Improved Sound Quality

  • Compatible with Shure, Etymotic, Sennheiser, Ultimate Ears, ACS and Klipsch

ACS Custom Moulded Ear Sleeves For Standard Earphones

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ACS Custom Earphone Sleeves

Custom Moulded Earsleeves from ACS - made to measure to fit your ears for ultimate comfort and superior sound quality. Custom Earphone Sleeve Moulds are tailor-made to fit your ears and will assure perfect comfort and noise isolation resulting in the ultimate sound experience. Shaped to fit your ears perfectly, the custom earphone gels will keep every note in, and any noise out allowing you to enjoy undiluted, crystal clear sound.

The whole sound of the phones has improved, from bass to treble, with the highs especially improved.

Upgrade your Etymotic, Shure and Klipsch earphones to fit your ears perfectly (see the full compatibility list below).

Custom Earphone Moulds offer unequalled sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort that only custom-made earpieces can provide. Available in many funky colours to cater for every taste (see the full colour pallet below).

Made from ultra-soft silicone material, rather than the harder acrylic material used by some custom earphone manufacturers, the ACS custom sleeves offer the very best comfort and flexibility.  Your earphones will stay in your ears in a way you've never experienced before, making custom sleeves suitable for use while running, dancing and singing (if you feel the urge!).

Get your ears ready for the ultimate in comfort, style and acoustic - you can never go back to standard fit once you have experienced Custom Moulded Sleeves!

Custom Earphone Sleeves for Standard Earphones

Ultra Comfortable Fit

Made from high quality soft silicone material and custom built for your ears a pair of Custom Earphone Sleeves provide the ultimate in comfort. The ACS Custom Earphone Sleeves give a perfect fit, so you no longer have to suffer from in-ear discomfort or fatigue when listening for extended periods of time.

Custom fit earphone sleeves offer truly superb in-ear fit, which means the earphones stay put when you are active.  Running, jumping and singing is a possibility with custom sleeves fitted.

Excellent Noise Isolation

The excellent in-ear fit means that Custom Earphone Sleeves offer the best possible isolation from external noise. If you listen in noisy environments, such as in aircraft cabins or on public transport, then you will definitely appreciate the superb sound isolation.

Improved Sound Quality

The combination of good fit and improved sound isolation means that you get the best possible audio quality from your standard earphones. The reduction in low frequency leakage means there can be an improvement in bass response.

Custom Moulded Earsleeves

How Does It Work?

It's really simple. Just follow these easy steps:

1) Order your pair of custom made earphone sleeves.   We will send you a voucher to take to your local audiologist.

2) Visit your local audiologist to have an impression made of your ears (the cost of the impressions is included with the voucher). If you are outside of the UK please contact ACS directly as they are now international, we can only supply Custom sleeves to people inside the UK.

3) Send your ear impressions and the voucher to the lab.

4) Within 3-5 weeks your custom made ear protectors will be manufactured and dispatched to you. (If you require your custom moulds within a certain time frame please contact us and we can advise you with approximate deliver times.)

Soon you will be enjoying the ultimate upgrade for your earphones with unrivalled comfort, noise isolation and sound quality. 


Reviews of ACS Custom Sleeves Review of Custom Moulded Earphone Sleeves - 9/10 Review of ACS Custom Earsleeves

"These moulds are amazing, amazing in that they are comfortable; there is no movement making them ideal for runners, and they sound great. The fitting process is painless and the end result is that you get a pair of headphones that fit you and only you alone."

Compatibility List

  • ACS T15
  • Etymotic Hf2, Hf3, Hf5, MC3, MC5, ER-6i, ER-4, EtyCOM & EtyBLU2
  • Klipsch Image X5, X10, X10i, S5i, S4i, S4, S3, S2m, S2
  • Sennheiser IE6, IE7, IE8. CX300, CX299
  • Shure SCL2, SCL3, SCL4, SCL5, SE110, SE115, SE115-CL, SE115M, SE115M+, SE210, SE310, SE315, SE420, SE425, SE530, SE535 
  • Ultimate Ears 5, 5Vi, UE700, 10

Colour Choice

The silicone material used in custom earphone sleeves is available either in clear, solid colour or glitter.  



ACS Company Profile

ACS Founder Andy Shiach

Founder of Advanced Communications Solutions Andy Shiach has devoted his life to educate and heighten the awareness of the destructive effects noise can cause to the perception of sound. He has been passionate about hearing health since an accident in the 70's forced him to retire from the music industry.

Established in 1995, ACS has been a leading hearing conservation company dedicated to preserve the hearing of the general public. In these past 15 years, hearing protection has advanced to a level that no profession or activity needs to lead to hearing damage thanks to the dedication of ACS. Rather than dealing with the problem in retrospect, ACS strives to avoid hearing damage with preventative and affordable products.

ACS not only offer hearing protection, there are a wide range of audio products available for professionals and amateurs alike. The scope includes active single, dual and triple driver in-ear monitor earphones all equipped with custom moulded ear sleeves. Custom-made earphones sleeves are also available for a variety of in-ear headphones of leading headphone brands.

Professional musicians swear on custom earphones and audio products from ACS. A wide range of musicians including Pendulum, Stereophonics, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and many more utilise ACS products for on-stage performance and personal use.

Product TypeEarphone Accessory
Feature KeywordComfortable, Ear Canal, In Ear, Noise Isolation, Professional, Studio
Recommended UseNo
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Included AccessoriesNo
Part Numberacs-sleeve

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